RFC: VCL dropdown with checkboxes?

RFC: VCL dropdown with checkboxes?

What is your favorite way of doing a dropdown with multiple checkboxes (3-15 items)? Must be able to check/uncheck multiple items without closing/reopening.  Custom text when closed up would be nice too. Off-the shelf component suggestions also welcome.

10 thoughts on “RFC: VCL dropdown with checkboxes?

  1. David Heffernan for a list with let’s say 4 elements:

    “All”/”None” or “n of 4”

    “Item1; Item3”

    a bit table, hex value, or similar

    are possible options. It depends on how much space you have and what kind of content the check list has.

  2. I think we use one when filtering a GridView, there are 4 kind of elements (example: error, warning, info, debug) and all are displayed by default. If one only wants to view kind 1 and 3, this is our solution.

    To be fair, this is some kind of edge case and most of the time one wants to view all entries.