9 thoughts on “#humannature

  1. This is how I see these social media solidarity campaigns. Changing your Facebook profile picture to a French flag doesn’t stop terrorism or help its victims but at least it lets people know what a good, caring person you are, which is the important part, apparently.

  2. Not all, Eliezer Eisenberg  but, certainly, for some, it is a factor. I remember a principal saying that they wouldn’t get donors for the day like another school did unless they also have the plaques and other paraphenalia in place to mark the honor granted for the donation. I’ve also seen people snap photos and selfies when they came to pack up food for the needy. At least the recipients were not in the picture, but I have seen promotional materials for charities that do show recipients, as well.

  3. Considering the range of behavior we are capable of, imperfect philanthropy is still a virtue. Ive heard it described as conspicuous virtue, but my son once called it virtue jewelry. If you have a weakness for displaying your superiority, this is a pretty good way to channel it.

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