Through the grapevine

Through the grapevine

Alfasoft, the Norwegian representative company for EMBT Idera, writes the following in their most recent newsletter:

“As we mentioned in the last newsletter, IDERA has bought EMBT. Alfasoft recently met with the leadership of IDERA, and we can say that we received a positive impression.

IDERA are very explicit on the point that the development tools were a deciding factor in the decision of going through with the acquisition. For the future, there will be put major weight on the continued development of the RAD Studio product range.”

So… Delphi isn’t quite dead yet 😉

10 thoughts on “Through the grapevine

  1. I’m positive. I have mixed feelings, but the balance is positive. A lot of what I’ve heard sounds good. Some I’m not sure, and I’ll have to wait and see. All up we just don’t know until they start changing stuff.

  2. We won’t really know for a few releases. The next release is prolly already fairly well defined. The next one after that will most likely be mostly off the old plans as well. After that, we are in uncharted territory.