9 thoughts on “Typo in case-sensitive variable name cooked Google’s cloud

  1. I write code that other people test, so I am used to frustrated people 😉

    Jokes aside, given that we are 40 years into the software industry – it is crazy how much flying by the seat of your pants still is de facto operating mode – and it is endorsed by the management, as otherwise the process becomes “too slow and too resource intensive”.

    It reminds be of something I read somewhere:
    “If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, do you have time to correct your mistakes later?”

  2. Well, they also have an impressive internal QA department as well as impressive processes in place. However, looks like something got missed here (cloud). 

    As of G+, I think most of it works. The changes just didn’t sit well with the general population. I think the loss of some features were unpopular (I certainly miss a few)

  3. I have “rolled back” to the old G+ on the desktop.  Still too many issues with the new one.  Google do have good development practices – but sometimes I wish they would go for more complete before releasing to public. On the other hand – large scale testing early is key to finding core issues – and the more you build, the harder to test – so all in all, their current approach makes sense.

  4. The world really has turned upside down. Google is actively trying to ruinin every good thing they make, while Microsoft is open-sourcing stuff and putting out some decent stuff (Windows 10 notwithstanding).