15 thoughts on “Xmas is here!

  1. WHO THE HELL GOT THIS NOW?! I mean… … we are waiting patiently for our order of the Nexus 6 that should have been here 3 weeks ago but is being pushed back every day.


  2. John Magnus Steffensen As you can see, I passed on the 5 and 6 – not because I didn’t desire them – but because the 4 still did the job. My trusty old 4 is still a good phone – but the battery is giving me issues (runs out real quick). The camera and wifi is a bit flakey as well, and I had to reboot it every week because people couldn’t hear me.

  3. It’s just the right size, if you are anything like me you do a lot more reading than talking on the phone.

    I had a hard time deciding between the Nexus 6P and the 950XL to replace my Note 3, but in the end I went with the 950XL.

  4. Lars Fosdal : No. Especially when they make new promises every day. “Confirmed tomorrow”, … sigh 

    I just want to play with it for a while, see if it’s so awesome that I need to fork out for my own.