Yeah, it kinda sucked me in :P – 22 hours gameplay in three days.

Yeah, it kinda sucked me in 😛 – 22 hours gameplay in three days.
Looking forward to being able to customize the player to look more like me, and have all the game features present 🙂

8 thoughts on “Yeah, it kinda sucked me in :P – 22 hours gameplay in three days.

  1. It’s good fun. I love the focus on cover based PvE gameplay – i.e. you have to use cover and team play, instead of doing NPC kiting. It plays like a proper shooter – i.e. you need to aim carefully.

    The DZ with open PvP is a bit mayhemish, with a risk for serial ganking if you try to go it solo. I think this will probably need some adjustments, but it really is a lot of adrenaline fun to be both hunter and hunted. I’ve already bought the “big” package with a years worth of DLC, etc.

    There is a lot of interesting tech details in the game.  F.x. Your voice can be heard by those in your vicinity – so you can actually chat with other people – also those outside your team. The proximity audio chat volume is dependent on distance, but you can actually hear others through walls as well, if close enough 🙂

    The RPG lore seems to be fairly rich, and there is a promise of not running out of stuff to do. I’m just hoping that the mission variation will be good enough.


  2. Mr Moustache Why not? It is definitively a part of the game design for the DZ.  I am not wired to be a rogue by nature, but I did a few times – mostly by accident/entrapment – and it was a rush every time. I am NOT endorsing ganking/griefing/camping – but a little random PvP can be very entertaining.


  3. Mr Moustache​ I never went rogue voluntarily, but my turret did it for me plenty of times. Also annoying if you throw an incindiary grenade at a rogue party, and some idiot troll decides to rush into the flames to make you rogue as well…
    So yeah… Adjustments needed. It was great fun though.


  4. Mr Moustache Yep. There were a few of rogue camp spots that were exploited for timing out, and I saw someone mentioning the out of bound zones as another timeout exploit. Hopefully these will be a non-issue at release.


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