7 thoughts on “Morning Gold. Not quite spring yet – but the forest is getting ready.

  1. Ariella Brown The crocuses are tough. I’ve seen them come up through snow. I am waiting for a tiny little wild blue flower to explode into action all over the forest floor. The hepatica nobilis is usually the first one to appear.

  2. Christian Conrad do you still have much snow, or was it a new snow cover? This winter has been the shortest and warmest that I can recall, but I’ve only been a coastal inhabitant for six years. I grew up inland where the winters are colder and longer.

  3. New thin cover most places, already mostly thawed down and refrozen into annoying ice. But there’s some of the older thicker cover around too; in the shade under trees, or where it’s been plowed up into thicker heaps, etc.

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