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  1. I was going to say that no statement of any kind, true or not, will rectify the fact that Bob has no food, but then I realised that was exactly the problem. You can’t talk your way out of the issue that nobody else seems to want to give any food to Bob. Everyone else actually have to share their food for Bob to get anything to eat, and if they all do it, it doesn’t affect each one of them as much.

    Still, when I’ve read or heard about BLM actions, it’s come across as they don’t want everyone to share the burden, but rather someone specific.

    Kicking in open doors is probably not the best way to get support for your ideas. Perhaps taking down the fortified doors on the “right” side of the street would be more worth the effort.

  2. So, because some are intimidating, none should get food? 

    Since McVey was white, does that mean no white people at the table should get food either? Because of a few rotten apples, a whole race of people should be left out in the cold? Does that apply to cops? Because there’s a whole lot of rotten cops ….

  3. Matthew Arnold You’re the one who keeps making special cases. 

    It was simply stated, that at the table, Bob was the only one not getting food, and as someone pointed out, he wasn’t even allowed at the table for a long time. 

    Now replace “food” with “School”, “Job opportunities”, “housing opportunities” and even a seat on the bus. 

    At ever opportunity where Bob should have gotten the same food at the same table as every one else, Bob didn’t get it. And it wasn’t because Bob was lazy and didn’t go into the kitchen and make his own food. It was because the doorman wouldn’t let him in; the hostess wouldn’t seat him, the waiter wouldn’t take his order, and the chef wouldn’t cook his food.

  4. And more recently, it’s been known to happen that, every now and then, some random official walks in and shoots Bob dead, just for sitting by the table, apparently “looking dangerous”.

  5. Lars M. Hansen now your living in the past. Bob is allowed to do and have all the same things everyone else has.

    Kim Nilsson​ Bob was never harmed just for looking dangerous. Bob had acted dangerous. Bob may not have physically been holding that steak knife, but he sure made everyone think he was!

    I’d gladly have an adult conversation on facts on why these things happen but I’ll be labeled a racist within 3 posts!

  6. Matthew Arnold Actually, someone that looks like Bob – because “noone can tell Bobs apart” – held that steak knife at an earlier occasion. Our Bob was simply minding his own business, expecting the same treatment as the rest.  In theory, Bob should have been treated like the rest. In practice, that is not the case. That needs to end.

  7. Lars Fosdal
    I’m white and I have been pulled out of my car at gunpoint because my vehicle and description matched the description of a criminal. It happens to everyone. If you want to just pick out a certain race and focus on it, you can make it look a lot worse than it really is.

  8. Matthew Arnold Again, you seem to fail to see the point. 

    Certain people are more prone to be treated poorly than other people, simply because of the color of their skin. That is the focus of BLM.  That doesn’t mean that other people are spared from such injustices. BLM is simply trying to point out that if you are black, you are at a much higher risk at being killed by cops than if you are white, in the same situation.

  9. Lars M. Hansen ever think that their actions and behavior make them a target, not the color of their skin?

    Walking in the middle of the road instead of the side or sidewalk. Bass pouring out your car windows?

    I live in a majority black area. I see blacks getting treated just fine everyday. Driving and walking past cops everyday without being questioned.

    The funny thing is reading the blotter. Every single person that had the police called on them was doing something illegal. The majority were calls from residents and businesses. The police are just responding, not profiling.

    The raw numbers show more whites then blacks getting shot by police.

    Of all the police killings, not just blacks, how many were just ordinary law abiding citizens?

    Don’t pull this unarmed crap either. These are often d acts that come after the fact and you don’t need to be armed to pose a threat.

    It’s really simple. Right or wrong, just comply. I’m walking today because I comply. I can easily walk out my door and be unarmed and get shot by the police simply by attitude.

  10. This seems like a bizarre rationalization. Segregation solves nothing, and this is specifically suggesting to single out blacks and assess their… their what? Independent worth? What about a half-black/half-white? Half-chinese/half-black? Guess what, both people, just people.

    Women’s Rights is a self-defeating movement much as Black Rights for the same reason: fight for equality, not privilege. This is the point of All Lives Matter. You aren’t special, better, or more deserving.

    (And besides, this movement speaks to the choir and survives on cliche rally and the satisfied feeling that comes from feeling like you’re making a difference when you really aren’t doing anything.)

    Put down the spray paint cans, stop defacing monuments. Instead use that money to buy some school supplies for a kid in a struggling family. Maybe that kid is a latchkey kid whose guardian doesn’t get home until late, help them with their homework or.. with life. Make life better, don’t scream at the sky for somebody else to do it for you.

    Or don’t, if you don’t want to, but throwing around snappy catchphrases as though they provide any empowerment, or solve any issues, is at best a waste of time and at worst divisive.

  11. I can’t argue with that at all, and in fact that’s exactly what I was trying to point out.

    The statement itself doesn’t put food on the table, and the immediate comments just… retagged the cliche catchphrase. It’s so ironic.

    Black president. Still an issue. Bizarre.

    “A little less conversation, a little more action please.” — Elvis

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