8 thoughts on “Up with the sun in Ørsta

  1. If! I assumed that there were dinosaurs in your country.

    With global warming, many glaciers will melt and may appear frozen dinosaurs. They would be very valuable if the DNA is intact. That would make it possible Jurassic Park.

    Perhaps there are already exploring many areas abandoned by glaciers.

  2. The glaciers are not that old. Spitsbergen was landmass in the temperate zone when the dinosaurs lived. As far as I know, Norway mainland was mostly sea bottom. Plenty aquatic fossils from the Ordovician era, at least in what is known as the Oslo plate.

  3. Did you file Movex to Amazon? I think they might be interested in your system.

    And I think your team could develop a super economic system of a keyboard with a 2.5cm x 21cm screen.

    Economically liquid crystal display, such as calculators. A system for writing RTF files. Something worth about 50 USD.

    Typewriter would be the world’s cheapest electronics.

    Something for the poor countries of the world and something that would use the writers of novels.

  4. Hey! They may develop a small keyboard for tablets. A keyboard that has integrated the ability to write text in RTF. Thus, it would be possible to use any tablet as a screen to see the written text.

    The texts would be stored on a USB memory and could be printed on any printer. (That requires a separate program, I suppose)

    All buy a small real keyboard to your tablets. (It’s more comfortable)

    Did I mention that I discovered how to stop global warming? (It’s a secret)

    All right. I retreat to eat. See you later.