Siberian Tiger at Kristiansand Zoo

Siberian Tiger at Kristiansand Zoo

That is 200 kg (400 lb) of fairly large pussycat.

Siberian tigers are red listed, but fortunately, they seem to thrive in this zoo.

This male fathered four cubs just a year ago.

2 thoughts on “Siberian Tiger at Kristiansand Zoo

  1. When we were there two years ago one of his kids was in the pool, having an AWESOME time with some kind of huge hose. I don’t think a cat could have been more pleased with himself and what he was doing. Perhaps if the water was tuna flavored…

  2. One of them was swimming and playing with a large ball in the pool, while a sibling looked like she didn’t want to get her fur wet. These cats appear to have mixed feelings about water 🙂