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  1. Ecch… Here’s a slightly different variant of the joke. See, the Jews don’t like any of the movies. They prefer the book, except the parts they don’t like and most of them take a dim view of the haredim whose cosplay gets pretty obnoxious, condemning everyone else’s cosplay.

    The Christians have lots of troubles at their fanboi conventions coz their sequel to the book led to some serious religious wars in which a third of Europe died and ate up most of the 1500s and 1600s. Kinda grim story.

    The Muslims, well, their wars started pretty much upon the death of their Prophet (pbuh) and they’re headed for exactly the same infighting as laid waste to Christianity. And they’ve been at it since the death of Imam Ali.

    The Mormons, well, they’ve got some issues of their own. No sooner than their tax-exempt status come up as a topic of conversation than they get Word from On High about black people and polygamy, etc….