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  1. these were enterprise-grade, internationally-connected (and not on gov. protected intranet) email servers.

    you have to engineer them to not require strong encryption.

    Hillary’s machines, which she had to have someone else build, had no encryption, and she made it so no one could ask those IT personnel if she told them to not encrypt the servers…

    Because if they revealed that Hillary instructed them not to encrypt, this would show INTENT on Hillary’s part.

  2. Liam Cole​ he also commands a multinational corporation if he was so evil he would not be so popular

    He has no properties in Russia so his interest in Russia is ridiculous and non-existent

    Did anybody ever consider that Putin might be parading Trump in order to not let Hillary be elected or to get Hillary elected

    If everyone thinks that the Russians are manipulating our election then you should look for who would benefit from those manipulations

  3. By the way I have no problems with the individual people of any nation I just most government including the American Fed. Also I am very green politically but there is no chance for a 3rd party to win . Either way I hope spray tan will lose

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