21 thoughts on “https://medium.com/@justaride/why-im-voting-for-trump-and-why-bd0ce994e8cf#.427uj18x4

  1. Faith Waugh I say that because I believe it to be true. You say that Hillary lies – but you don’t have an example supported by facts. You are repeating what someone else told you.

  2. Faith Waugh So, you think it is ok to say someone is a liar, and not have to produce supporting evidence?

    How would you feel if I said you were lying about Hillary being a liar? My evidence would be that you bring no facts to support your argument?

    That you are of the opinion that someone is a liar, doesn’t make them a liar. Do you see my point here? Don’t be a parrot. Read the reports. Read the news. Get the facts and examine them – then make up your mind.

    I don’t mind if you vote for your guy, but you should do so based on an opinion founded on real facts, not what Trump tells you or your friends tell you.