Dear America

Dear America,

We, the world, have been amused, baffled, and terrified by your democratic processes lately. Some of the madness is driven by media frenzy, and most of the polarization is a construct of campaign tactics, and some of it is perhaps just a little bit out of proportion.

We hope you take this opportunity and elect a new president with the respect and dignity that signifies a democracy, and that you – regardless of the outcome – accept and support your future president.

Make a choice. It may not be easy, and its not pretty, but it is the way it is. Use your votes to elect new representatives for your voices that can influence the future of your democratic process and what kind of leaders you want for the next elections.

This election is not a make or break election. It is not an us vs them election. It is just another election, but just as previous elections – it is important – and it will influence your future.

Your vote is your voice. Use it and choose well!

Good Luck with the elections of 2016!