One thought on “Um, where did all of the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice just go?

  1. Lars Fosdal – where did it go? I have an answer: the ice melted, the ocean rose making more surface area for evaporation, making a lot of non-iot clouds, that caused it raine here in Florida (in my front yard, but not my backyard), where the water picked up a good dose of crud like fertilizer (nitrogen and phosphates) and antibiotics , and is now slowly heading south, some going into the Gulf of Mexico, the other going via an underground aqueduct to the great swamps of the Everglades, where the non-native python population (from people releasing pets) will get a nice boost in reproductivity and eat all the alligators. Eventually, the earth will cool, the ice will return (in the form of pure blue) and the crud (and dead pythons) will sink to the bottom forming a layer of minable material for a future generation (like oil today), and corporations will use a python for a logo (as opposed to today’s use of dinosaurs by some oil company). All’s well that ends well :-/ I think.

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