5 thoughts on “Snurre contemplates the concept of a snowless winter.

  1. a bad one 🙂 We used to have winters with quite a bit snow, but the last few years different. Global warming, who knows how long this will continue. Last week we had days with +5C, this week we might get -30C. So those warm days melt away the snow so it’s difficult to ski or skate on natural ice/snow.

  2. Diana Studer Previous New Year’s Eves have been snowless but freezing, snowy but above freezing, or snowy and freezing – but this is the first snowless AND 10 degrees above freezing New Year’s Eve, that I can remember.

  3. when we lived in Switzerland they used snow cannon on the embattled ski slopes. And that was many years ago.

    Cape Town is battling with level 3 water restrictions … and hoping the dams will last till we get rain in March. If we do …