17 thoughts on “Un adaptateur USB DIY qui se visse sur un socle d’ampoule – Korben

  1. Christopher Gaul Those are regular outlets (and not compatible with the standards used here). The hack is only USB – which is all I require, and I assume – if implemented properly – would be far safer than overloading a lamp socket with regular power outlets.


  2. Lars Fosdal
    A) I don’t know what country you’re in, those are just examples. Get similar item with your outlet standard on it.

    B) There’s no way this is a better plan than just plugging an unmolested USB charger into an adapter like I posted, or just bringing an extension cord in your bag.


  3. I think it’s dangerous as there is a risk that both of the USB charger pins can touch the metal base screw at the same time which causes a short potentially burning down your hotel.

    I’m sure bigclivedotcom would have some nice comments on this “trick”.


  4. Lars Fosdal don’t stay in dumps then. I can’t remember the last time I was in a hotel that didn’t have outlets near the bed or night tables. At the very least near the desk. In fact every one I’ve been in lately, the night table lamps had outlets right in them for charging your devices.


  5. Christopher Gaul​ At times, the “dumps” are the only options. Traveling for work some times takes you to places you probably wouldn’t put near the top of your places-for-vacation list. A properly done E27 socket USB charger certainly would have been useful on a few of my nights away from home last year.


  6. Lars Fosdal a room without outlets doesn’t pass building code. IE they don’t exist anyplace you should be staying.
    I’ve traveled for years decades for work and stayed in some pretty shady places but I’ve yet to ever stay in a hotel room without an outlet.


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