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  1. Pseudo science, real science, and other sciences aside. Having travelled the world; life style cancers do not exist where the fast food chains are not. Do yourself a favour eat only food( stuff that you recognise from nature such as fruits, vegetables and fresh meat ) Bleached rice is not the way mother nature serves the food. Most likely 5-15% of all cancers are in your inheritance the rest are probably from eating food-like-products. One thing that really confuses us is that real food is named super foods these days.

  2. Akinola Emmanuel Exercising your imagination are you?
    Lars Fosdal Please look up statistics if looking around in the corners of the world is not good enough for you. There is a significant difference between people growing their own food( where the seeds are kept in generations; maybe mixed with those of their neighbours ) and where people eat processed foods. I know people off the grid that chew sugar cane every day and 0 – zero cavities – none of them.

    But I guess the both of you use the vending machine and drink soda…

  3. Gjermund ॐ Gusland Thorsen who mentioned Nixon? And how much of Warburg do you actually know? I work with cancer biologists so I’m fairly well versed. Yet I feel as if we have different understandings about Warburg.

  4. For the last 40 some years the cancer research has been based on a political initiative by president Nixon. The chances of dying from cancer with “traditional” methods( 1970 on ) is still above 93%? The best option today is not to cure cancer, but to avoid cancer all together from my understanding. And if the cancer is “cured” the method does most likely bring a new type of cancer 5-10 years on. In which statistically means that both yoga and hiking are better options than chemo.

  5. Gjermund ॐ Gusland Thorsen “But I guess the both of you use the vending machine and drink soda…” – Nope. Me and the missus cook from scratch 90% of the time, using fresh produce/meat/fish/poultry. I do like carbonated water (Soda water), but not sugar pops.

    I have to admit that I think basing opinions on cancer on travel observation sounds a bit unrealistinc, unless you are a travelling physician.

  6. Lars Fosdal Good for you, I bet you are doing some of the best things possible to avoid having to deal with cancer.

    I have visited physicians outside the western world last 20 years, and I have a genuine interest in immunology, I have read science material on this topic since age 15. MHC, HLA are not new terms to me.

  7. Gjermund ॐ Gusland Thorsen saying the best option is to avoid it all is a useless statement. Of course the best option to not have to deal with something terrible is to avoid it.

    So you think yoga and hiking are better treatments than chemo and immunotherapies? Seriously?

  8. Akinola Emmanuel To avoid cancer, yes, I believe yoga and hiking are good options. Do you ever consider side effects? Nil nocere appears to be a forgotten term in what you write. For restoration and/or repair, Cannabis eaten or juiced, IV Vitamin C, are probably more efficient than chemo and immunotherapies. Also in some cases stem cell treatment could be a good immunotherapy. For on surface do not underestimate the power of water and bicarb soda and vitamin-D( less than 20 mins pr day exposure to sun; direct exposure not needed. )

  9. I live in the hope that you will take a look at the alternatives and stop worshipping BigPharma, And that’s not you as a person that is we as the human race. There is nothing personal about it. Apart from my ultimate goal for no one having to deal with cancer in the first place.

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