11 thoughts on “This.

  1. it was me, but i worked very hard and now leave the empty box on the counter where i can pick it up and read again as needed. i try to think of it as an oversized recipe card. i toss after i am done eating…lol

  2. you assume a lot there keith, like that one might have the ability to take such a photo … that if one does, one will not then drop it into the cooking food by accident, or into the trash too .. so many variables of clumsiness and ineptitude ;D

  3. Yup. Everyone does that.

    In a similar vein, it is fun to wait till someone looks at their wrist watch or cell phone to get the time. After they stop looking at it ask them what time it is. Chances are good that they’ll have to look at their watch or phone again to answer your question.

  4. wow i rarely keep the container longer than a day. unless it is a large quantity of something and need to put the instructions on a second more ‘permanent’ container …lol .. i do some mass/bulk purchases …