“The Raspberry Pi is an example of a single board computer. These low cost hobby or project computers are a prime staple of the Internet of Things. More powerful than an Arduino, but not a full desktop. They often have limited or specialized hardware, but their small size and low cost make them ideal for embedded application development.

Delphi supports both ARM and Intel processors with a variety of operating systems. This webinar will explore the combinations of hardware and operating system that make good Delphi target platforms. Then we will look at some examples and provide some resources to get you started.

Tuesday, May 9th, 8 AM, 1 PM & 7 PM CDT”

24 thoughts on “Interesting!

  1. Working with such targets would definitively be more native with FPC than with Delphi, as a compiler. And the Pi is fast enough to offer a full desktop experience, if needed, with the right OS: you can run the whole Lazarus IDE on a Pi, and write, compile and debug on the device. Of course, cross-compiling is also available with FPC.


  2. “These low cost hobby or project computers are a prime staple of the Internet of Things.” So after buying a $35 hobby board you need to buy $4500 Delphi Enterprise to program it??? Yeah, Delphi isn’t really targeting the RPI.


  3. A Pi Zero W running Pixel has a functioning desktop. It’s not exactly fast, but it works. Having a Linux compiler that would support Pi / Pi Zero could be useful.


  4. Really, it might make a great deal of sense to let the Starter edition target the Pi. That would be an interesting way to let newcomers to Delphi get a taste of the possibilities without breaking the bank.


  5. Lars Fosdal Pi Zero is actually as expensive as a regular Pi once you add all the tidbits required to make it usable as a desktop (usb dongle, hdmi adapter, wifi dongle, each not very expensive, but expensive enough to not make it worth the trouble)


  6. Lars Fosdal if you want Wifi, that’s the Pi Zero W, IIRC, which is twice the price of the Zero. Plus you have to add shipping, which is worth the price of the Zero.

    That’s not counting microsd and power supply as well, so in the end it all adds up, and the PI 3 or an older PI 2 is not that much above the Zero, so the full cost ends up quite similar.

    …and if you are accessing from vnc, it means you have another desktop/laptop, so it’s not really used as a laptop replacement anyway 🙂

    All in all using a Raspberry Pi as desktop replacement is not really economical, it’s all about the tinker-ability.


  7. Bill Meyer – BRILLIANT IDEA!!! Someone should kick this idea upstairs. Here in the U.S. the ‘maker’ movement is huge. I don’t think the millennial entrepreneurs would have any problem with using Delphi if it was a ‘quick & dirty platform for developing their IoT projects. Frankly, this would enhance my market considerably as well.


  8. Because Delphi Linux is only in Enterprice, i am not even thinking about it anymore, forget it.

    I have to say that the suggestion about Lazarus let me rethink of some projects in the future (y).

    The PRO price is already pretty expensive IMO.


  9. I’m afraid that sooner or later, we will be told (again) that we do not understand the marketing of Delphi. It’s a fair statement: I truly do not understand the marketing of Delphi (though not in the way we have been told in the past.)


  10. yep, being on Pro I noticed the post and ignored….no point even watching! You want people to use or new users to try Delphi / RX then the current strategy of restricting to Enterprise makes no sense. However if you want to try and force Pro users to pay more…..well not going to happen


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