12 thoughts on “‘What is wrong with you?’ Michelle Obama savages Trump’s gutting of her legacy.

  1. Folks, this was specifically about the nutrition things she promoted, like more grains and less sodium in school lunches and additional nutrition facts on packaging. Whatever else you can say legitimately about the Obama administration, are you really that angry about nutrition? Some of these comments are really uncalled for.

  2. The whole thing about fat, calories, proteins kids need. For many of these children it’s the only meal they get a day. If Michelle knew anything about what goes on in private homes with the drugs and alcohol into families that don’t care about the kids she wouldn’t be so fast to jump in on this kind of stuff. Cute kids can eat 3000 calories a day and most run it off.

  3. Ann M. So because kids have bad health at home they should be forced to have it at school? You conservatives are really messed up trying to hurt kids like this.

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