10 thoughts on “Really powerful article – worth a read.

  1. A survivor And the right wing has systematically denied that Trump could possibly be making any mistakes at all. We don’t need a witch hunt – but we do need to look at what is going on, and it’s implications. This article sums it up quite well, and it does not fall into the sensationalist crap trap.

  2. Rubbish. The liberal media have been attacking non stop and engaging in non stop fiction pieces because Shillary lost. The elites didn’t like the result they got and have been trying to cheat the result ever since. Your the threat.

  3. Keep crying…the only damaged goods are you liberals. Your just digging yourself a bigger and bigger hole. Do you really think people are going to vote for a bunch of extreme butthurt losers in a need of their binky? No.

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