Nice look at how Microsoft is using and enhancing git. See also […

Nice look at how Microsoft is using and enhancing git. See also [ ]. “Due to widespread developer familiarity and strong support for creating lots of branches with low overhead, the decision was made to use Git as the new system. But Git isn’t designed to handle 300GB repositories made up of 3.5 million files. Microsoft had to embark on a project to customize Git to enable it to handle the company’s scale.
Git is, of course, open source. Microsoft has forked the Git client to make it understand GVFS and use algorithms that scale according to the number of modified files. Presently, GVFS has to be used with the Git server that’s part of VSTS, as only that has the required extensions to serve files the way GVFS requires. The company’s ambition, however, is to do away with these forks and have as much of the work integrated into the mainline as possible—with the ultimate goal being to get all of its modifications accepted by the main Git developers and incorporated into the standard Git codebase.

To ease that, the company is moving from Android-style development—where development occurs in private, with occasional public code drops—to developing “in the open,” with regular updates and openness to outside contributions. Third parties have already shown interest in the work: Atlassian SourceTree has added GVFS support, and Tower Git will soon add support. Visual Studio’s integrated Git support will add GVFS support in Visual Studio 2017 Update 3.

Microsoft also says that it has had discussions with both Google and Facebook—both of whom face similar scale issues—about its Git development. These companies both have their own internal systems to handle their workloads, and it’s possible that we may start to see collaboration between the companies in the future.”

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