7 thoughts on “Gah.

  1. It should be solved by affecting the R/O attribute of the file. Today you can open files with R/O file attribute set > use the menu for removing the read only state in the IDE > start modifying file content while the file itself is still read only on disk … you’ll see the related error message when you try to save any modification back to disk.

    On the other hand: having a functioning Read Only menu within the IDE could easily mess up some source code management systems that use R/O file attribute for preventing accidental file modification for files not being properly checked out of the SCM.

    At the end it would be better to have the Read Only menu entry removed.

  2. Fred Ahrens – I disagree. The whole idea is to be able to open units and forms in read only mode (to avoid accidental changes). It should not depend on the file system state, as that could indeed conflict with VCS. To avoid any mixup with R/O – we could rename the entry to Disallow changes.

  3. Lars Fosdal yes, having a different name for this function would be a better solution. The status should also be shown in a separate place in the IDE’s status bar. Currently it’s not clear what the “Read Only” status is referring to as it can refer to the file attribute or just the status within the code editor.