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  1. Are they, Nicholas Ring? Depends on which Pascal you compare Delphi to… Since Delphi is Object Pascal, the difference between Borland’s later Pascal dialects and earlier versions of “the Delphi language” (Feh!) is pretty much zero. HTH!

  2. That’s why I said “Borland’s later Pascal dialects”, Lars Fosdal. The language in the product “Delphi” was called “Object Pascal” up until at least 2007 or thereabouts, maybe up to half a decade later (I can’t recall for sure because it’s pretty much the same thing). The whole “No, the language is called ‘Delphi’ too!” rigmarole started very recently.

    (For relative values of “recently”. As Einstein apparently never said, “Everything is relative!”, and for old geezers like me less than a decade ago is approximately equal to the day before yesterday.)

  3. IMO,
    Products: Borland Pascal vs Delphi
    Language: Object Pascal

    However – Delphi did introduce several new features to Object Pascal that were not present in BP or TPW. The “class” type concept replacing the “object” type with virtual constructors and destructors, the concept of properties, as well as method pointers.

    Anyways – to me the language always have been and will be Object Pascal. Delphi is just the name of a product.

    I can definitively relate to the old geezer time warp references.