To Heap or not to Heap; That’s the Large Object Question?

To Heap or not to Heap; That’s the Large Object Question?
Detailed analysis of large object heap allocation impacts under .NET: “…would it be better to not utilize a heap construct when dealing with very large objects in .NET, in order to avoid Large Object Heap (LOH) fragmentation?”

10 thoughts on “To Heap or not to Heap; That’s the Large Object Question?

  1. Philip Rowney All systems and solutions have weak spots. No system is “ideal for all purposes”. BTW – MS Powershell is awesome, and .NET, and exists for Unix too.


  2. I worked a little with Solaris in 1990-1994. It was a nice little OS, atleast on Sun HW. We had a “clone” of a Sun workstation that wasn’t quite as stable. Can’t recall its name, though. We also ran BSD on some servers.

    Windows have revived it’s Posix subsystem, and now you can run Unix (or Linux, technically) under Windows. Who would have thought that 20 years back.


  3. I would because I’m a lunatic [ they said ] a ‘free’ UNIX kernel was sorely needed.

    I tested Solaris 7 & bits of 8, my work was ‘all over’ the OS, I even had to learn expect for testing things like ftp and telnet.

    ‘nice little OS’ it seemed to run on some of the most powerful computers in the world in the 90’s!?!?

    A scrapped a Ultra 2 and still have the BGA chip and it’s lovely ‘zebra strip’, M$ were too cheap to put that on an XBox 10 years later… M$ make a ‘multi media’ POS, great for clerical work, gaming and like. Not great at some really basic things … I can’t remember atm…
    I been up since yesterday, time for some illegal drugs, the legal ones will kill me if I take any more!


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