Some things to consider when mocking Nazis…

Some things to consider when mocking Nazis…

1) Yeah, mock ’em. But be witty about it. The best barbs get shared around and have more impact.

2) Be careful to not inadvertently advance their agenda. If you poke fun at their masculinity, you are reinforcing the toxic masculinity stereotype. If you call them pussies or bitches or other misogynistic terms, you are reinforcing misogyny. If you use racial stereotypes back at them, you are reinforcing racism.

3) Remember that while humour is an excellent weapon and absolutely should be used to lift our spirits and as part of a campaign of rightfully socially shaming their disgusting words and actions, it’s still important to take them seriously. Nazis aren’t funny. Their words and actions are not funny. When making fun of them, take care to ensure you are not minimizing their threat, especially if you are not the prime target of their threats.

Black people do not find it the least bit funny that scary white people are running around with torches, even if they are shitty tiki torches.

Women do not find it funny that scary men are hurling misogynistic language and advocating for us to lose our basic human rights.

Immigrants do not find it funny that scary citizens are demanding their deportation or death.

Jews do not find it funny that scary Nazis are chanting the same slogans that sent their families to the gas chambers only a few decades ago.

These people are SCARY. They are looking for reasons to get violent. They see themselves as victims. They see themselves as oppressed. They are looking for excuses to play the hero with their guns. This is a legitimate terrorism issue.

If you’re laughing at a Nazi’s rant, you are probably privileged to not be the focus of that rant, so check that before you make a joke about it.

Don’t hurt the victims of Nazis with your mocking of Nazis. Don’t advance their poison.

Be BETTER than the Nazis. Be sharp, be witty, and be considerate of the actual victims.

Now go fight the Nazis!!!!!

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