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  1. For a very balanced view on the state of climate research, I recommend Judith Curry judithcurry.com – Climate Etc. In her latest piece, she says, “Anyone blaming Harvey on global warming doesn’t have a leg to stand on.” and then she gives you all the graphs, data, and predictive models (not paid for by big oil) to show you actual science rather than empty assertions.

  2. Ariella Brown​ Since you exhibit disbelief in what the most of the world has come to see as fact, I am not going argue with you. Let’s just wait and see who’s science will prevail as our world changes. My prediction is that storms like Harvey, which was unprecedented, will become the norm.

  3. Lars Fosdal f you call it disbelief not to fall in line with what television personalities push rather than read what people with real science credentials like Judith Curry and others not only say but demonstrate, OK. If you claim she’s funded by big oil, then you are once again merely asserting something based on your own biases rather than checking things out for yourself.

  4. Ariella Brown – I read articles and actual reports where available, and base my statements on what I see in the reports. I don’t watch TV personalities – possibly with the exception of certain individuals of UK origin.

    I view Curry as a credible voice, and her concerns are legit – but she is just one of many voices.

    I can see the impact of climate change in my own country, where the tree line is moving higher and higher, winters are shorter, glaciers are shrinking, new average temperature records are set almost every year, and sea temperatures are supporting species which haven’t thrived on our shores before.

    I am not crying “the world is ending” – but, the world as we know it, is changing, and it is not for the better.

    IMO – doing something to reduce pollution and emissions is worthwhile – regardless of if it has any immediate impact on the average temperatures around the world – or not.

    One thing is certain: Time will tell which theories that hold water.

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