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  1. Actually no, diplomacy isn’t the answer. Diplomacy is only possible when both sides understand there are military options. DPRK doesn’t understand what’s about to happen. This has happened before, to nations which thought the USA wasn’t serious about carrying out its threats. None of them survived the encounter.

    Say what you want to about Donald Trump, you can’t say enough terrible things about him – and I’ll only encourage you to say worse. But DPRK has fucked around long enough, playing the Monkey with a Machine Gun routine. I think it’s time DPRK was made to put its cards on the table.

  2. I think diplomacy is the ideal answer. I think KJU knows he would lose the instant he made the decision to strike the US or any of its allies. The question is if he thinks the initial strike he’d only possibly gain would be worth his death and his regime’s fall. But he’s also a manchild who demands respect — and, as luck would have it, so is our president. When two egos fight, everybody loses. Stifling NK with forceful diplomacy and tightening sanctions might be preferable to egging on a prideful leader with nukes over Twitter. If KJU’s real fear is a US-led regime change, Trump’s rants on Twitter will be much more likely to convince him that’s the case. Better to slowly boil the frog than back the wolf into a corner, imo.

    I mean, I’m hardly a foreign policy expert. But I don’t see anything good from our ego-manifest president hurling childish insults at someone threatening to hurl back nuclear weapons. I dunno. This is tough.

  3. Dan Weese He’s not stupid. He knows he’s put the world in a tough spot given his ability to hit our allies, but I don’t see any possible universe in which he actually thinks he could win an armed conflict against the US, even if the US were completely by itself. He’s belligerent, but in a way that has gotten him what he wants so far.

  4. Kay Solo I don’t see any evidence for your conclusions. This guy hasn’t lived in the real world for five minutes of his life. When has he ever behaved reasonably? More to the point, when has he ever told the truth or kept a promise? We can probably agree on the fact that Donald Trump isn’t living in the real world either, that his constant lying and cheating have disconnected him from the real world. Seriously – let’s not mind read either of these guys, let’s look at their track records. They aren’t living in the real world, where actions have consequences.

  5. Dan Weese It’s simply the game he’s played historically. Threaten people, get attention. He’s done it so far because he’s often been appeased. Some sanctions, sure, but also some aid. DPRK has been doing this for ages. I can’t see directly into his mind, but so far he’s played the global game pretty well. At least, as well as a dictator can. He knows his position and how he can use it to his advantage. If he just so happens to be completely off his rocker (and his father before him), then he’s been acting in a way that just so happens to be working perfectly for him. I don’t know how much I buy that.

    This isn’t to say he isn’t wildly dangerous and a definite threat, but I think he knows enough that he would lose an armed conflict. So if he considers any cost-benefit analysis of actually using force, Trump’s brash tweets that bruise his ego (which his entire regime is based around) could factor into his decision. If nothing else I think the situation could be greatly helped if Trump stfu. 😛

  6. Kay Solo I believe every last bit of evidence points to a boy who went to school in Switzerland under an assumed name, with a strict minder to keep him in line. He was groomed for leadership and treated like a god king thereafter. He has never known a moment’s freedom in his life. He eats to excess, his sadistic tendencies are well known, he is, in short, a modern day Caligula, who lived in terror of Tiberius on the island of Capri.

    Do not confuse this boy with any human being you have ever known. He is as alien to us at the pharaohs or the emperors of China. Attempting to fit this little creature into anyone’s psychiatric box is a fool’s errand, he won’t fit. Donald Trump is a megalomaniac, too – equally ferocious with his enemies, although he doesn’t have the authority to tie them to antiaircraft guns and blow their guts out, then crush them with armoured vehicles. Yet.

    Trump and Kim are two of a kind. Kim has never met anyone who dared to speak to him as Donald Trump has done. Diplomacy is for reasonable people, those who weigh things in the balances, dispassionately, who consider consequences. Trump has engendered fear in Kim’s heart, probably for the first time in his adult life. These are men who think in terms of retribution, not consequences.

  7. Kim can’t be fought on his grounds without huge loss for the attacker, killing him won’t kill the system and why is he not entitled to have nuclear warheads? Are those permitted only for guys who have actually used them on civilians?

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