11 thoughts on “For the first time, we have ripening blue grapes :)

  1. Vi plantet våre for tre år siden. Første vinteren døde to av tre ranker – sikkert fordi vi ikke dekket til nok. Den siste overlevde vinter nummer to og tre på egen hånd og tok plutselig av år – med skikkelig vekst. Man kan kanskje si at vi er Darwinister. Survival of the fittest, lissom.


  2. Right … But isn’t reaping specific to describing the cutting and gathering of wheat?

    In US English, we:

    – reap (archaic) wheat/rye (and metaphorically, other things, like ‘benefits’)

    – harvest corn

    – pick or pluck fruit

    … etc.

    We don’t use the word ‘vintage’ (at least not generally) to describe the harvesting of grapes, the way they do in French, for example (vendange).

    I’m trying to figure out if this is a Google Translate conflation of ‘reap’ and the more-generic ‘harvest,’ or whether Norwegian actually does use the terms interchangeably in the generic sense.


  3. John Jainschigg We use “høster” (reap ) in a general way for any kind of gathering of natural plant resource. It is also used metaphorically for reaping the benefits (“høster godene”). I don’t know of a specific term for harvesting grapes, though. Come to think of it – it is a bit difficult to decide if “høster” is reaping or harvesting. Depends a bit on the context, I guess.


  4. Well, in any case, it looks like you should get some grapes this year if the frost holds off for another 3-4 weeks. Are those Concords? I read somewhere that you should pick them when the vines turn from green to an even brown color (but not darker).


  5. John Jainschigg To be honest, I have no clue what kind they are 🙂 We picked up three different kinds at a sale – and the original labeling is no longer readable. I had a taste, and although it wasn’t bitterly sour – it surely was not a good eat yet. With a little luck, October will be warm (Go Global Warming!) 😛


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