4 thoughts on “This is…awesome.

  1. Someone commented with the stupid phrase “Respect is earned, not given”. No, that’s so wrong. Treating someone with dignity and respect should be everyone’s default mode. You can’t start with disrespecting someone before you know if they have “earned your respect”.

    Rule #1: Don’t be a dick!


  2. This wouldn’t work for me, I’d keep telling him how extremely good looking he is all the time. Don’t work with ‘tha bitches’ I’ve tried.

    A lot of this shit makes me laugh, I worked in a factory line as a teen and the women were dirty bitches the way they get together like broody Hens and pen anything out of the ordinary to bits.


  3. Kim Nilsson there is something between respect and disrespect, it’s called neutrality, and when some uppity asshole demands respect when you act neutral, fuck them.

    ..and the guy who made that phrase popular, is a dick.

    As a Netizen, I reserve the right to be the one wearing the #asshat and the right to pass it to someone who needs it, fuck that grown up child.

    PS ‘weak’ people have always been ‘owned’ and
    don’t let your daughter on the stage


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