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  1. ( feebly ) … a request. Can I just pretend to not be an American for a while? I know it’s deceitful, but I’m just having problems with Donald Trump completely debasing my nation. I mean, even after this fuck is run off in disgrace, any credibility or respect the USA might have had as a nation will take centuries to rebuild.

    We’re so fucked.

  2. Eva Hausmann It’s not as easy as all that, merely voting in someone else. I can’t speak to everyone’s life and career, but I’m a consultant. I live and die on the basis of my reputation. It’s a juggling act: mostly what I do is deal with the consequences of failure. Keeping someone else’s broken promises. By the time I arrive on scene, it’s always a goddamn disaster. And I’m really good at what I do: I can manage expectations. Been at this a long time now. And I charge lots of money.

    I’ve lived in Europe, off and on, since the 1970s. Germany mostly, Switzerland a while, France as a boy. Americans have always kinda embarrassed me. They’re too fat and too friendly and they never speak the language. I always used to defend Americans in discussions, saying it’s a nation as large as all of western Europe which was the world’s garbage dump for unwanted people and all the world’s crazies and zealots for two centuries, including a lot of black people we imported, very much against their will. For all our faults and failings, Americans are from everywhere – that sort of thing I’d say.

    I don’t make those noises anymore, Eva. I’m embarrassed, not by a few silly Americans who expect everyone to speak English and think the world revolves around them. Now I’m just embarrassed that I’m an American. That’s hard for me. I used to wear the American flag on a US Army uniform.

    Pretty much everything in which I once took pride is gone. I know failure. I know the consequences of failure, I specialise to failure. But I’m not in a situation to manage expectations. When I can’t manage expectations, I tell the people who brought me I cannot save anything over which I have no mandate.

    And sometimes, I leave when they can’t give me that mandate. I can fix problems. I can’t fix stupid.