It’s always fun to meet a fellow Delphian :)

It’s always fun to meet a fellow Delphian 🙂

Christoph Roeper @ Kirchzarten, Schwarzwald, Germany

12 thoughts on “It’s always fun to meet a fellow Delphian :)

  1. Uwe Raabe To be honest, I was at least two and half glass ahead of Cristoph at that moment. He arrived late 🙂 Prost! Or as we sometimes say in Norway (directly translated): “Schau an die Decke!” or “Kopp in Nacken”!


  2. Lars Fosdal Interesting. The phrase “Kopp in Nacken” is used in exactly the same way here in our local dialect “Plattdeutsch” (literally “Flat German”), which is spoken all over Northern Germany mostly in rural areas and in a multitude of flavors. In “High German” one would say “Kopf in den Nacken”. The whole sentence goes: “Nich lang schnacken – Kopp in Nacken.” and has the meaning of “Don’t talk – drink!”


  3. “Kopp in Nacken” was Christoph’s suggestion for a German analog to the “Look to the Ceiling”, (in Norwegian: “Sjau i takjet” in a dialect from Sogn & Nordfjord/Voss).


  4. Wish I had such a mug right now. Started traveling at 1230, and won’t be home until past midnight. Currently on a train from Oslo Gardermoen Airport to Porsgrunn, after a couple of hours in a car to Zürich, and a flight we nearly missed due to incompetent airport people. Travel is so relaxing…


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