14 thoughts on “Energy drinks are bad for you.

  1. LĂźbbe Onken Well, alcohol also turns into sugar inside us, but yeah. That said, I rather enjoy the occasional low or no carb energy drink, but those are probably not good for us either.

  2. My brother did his doctor about “Non-alcohol [related] Fatty Liver Deceases”, NAFL. The synthetic sweeteners (some of them) makes the liver react almost like alcohol. Now that is known but the thing is that “Coca cola light” is given to 2-year olds. Most people start drinking beer much later than that. Just imagine what will (has already) happen; kids with diabetes and medication like 70-year olds.
    -But they [soft drink vendors] create jobs!

  3. FTA “The health risks associated with energy drinks are mostly attributed to their high sugar and caffeine levels.” Caffeine is hit or miss for me, so I use 5-Hour or ZipFizz which are mostly B vitamins. Hopefully, that’s a little healthier!

  4. +dunno. I should say, it was my questions at the disputation that got us there. The papers included was about older subjects, thus not linked to swereners and such. I will check about on-line availability. But i think i could send a pdf.

  5. Nothing gets stored in your liver. Unless you have a documented liver disease, the liver is completely self-cleansing and will generally keep converting toxic substances into something that can be excreted in urine via your kidneys or as bile via your gallbladder.

  6. Lars Fosdal​ Fructose and sweetener’s effect on non alcoholic fatty liver disease is to my knowledge still debatable but yes, they’re probably bad especially in large quantities. However they’re are not stored as an ingredient specific to any energy drink which was what I reacted to.