7 thoughts on “Gotta give them points for efficiency.

  1. We’re technically there already, you can open/lock, turn lights on/off, turn on the heater etc. with apps already. The starting/driving part still requires a key but that’s just (most likely) a software thing and some kind of law or something that has to be made for it to be available.


  2. While a Faraday cage might be feasible when storing the key at home, it doesn’t help when you are outside in a restaurant or something like that. Unless the car makers offer a safer technique one can add something like the SecuKey 3.0 to improve the security. In contrast to those pockets mentioned above it keeps the comfort of the keyless system (although having to wear another transponder might be a small drawback).
    bundpol.de – Der neue SecuKey 3.0


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