32 thoughts on “Why I love Google phones. My Nexus 6P keep getting new Android versions OTA as they become available.

  1. Why you should hate Google phones: The updates contained in this update are over two months late, and Google was the last company on the effing planet to fix the wi-fi vulnerability.

  2. Patrik Söderström No. KRACK is a serious problem, but a former Android Police writer decided to minimize it, because he is not a security expert, he is a fanboy.

    KRACK is a serious flaw, and anyone dumb enough to still be carrying an Android should be extremely worried about it.

  3. You are free to give me information on how serious it is.
    By the way all my colleauges have their windows phones in their drawers now, they gave up since they was so bad, and when microsoft pulled the plug it was it.
    I believe You are enjoying a little something called security by obscurity. Since noone uses Windows phones.

  4. Suggesting HTTPS means WPA2 being effectively stripped away as a security layer isn’t a big deal is nonsensical. An insane amount of traffic runs over HTTP, and the ability for someone to hijack that traffic is incredibly significant.

    You may have heard the old adage “security by obscurity is no security at all” or similar platitudes. But someone who’s mildly versed in security would be able to tell you that obscurity sure ####ing helps. 😉 Don’t give an attacker more information than they need.

    Anyways, no, the reason I carry a Windows Mobile phone is because Microsoft takes security seriously, and Google does not. Because it took Google nearly six months to fix an issue third party ROM authors fixed in two days. If that isn’t an example of rampant incompetence, I don’t know what is.

    My phone was patched for KRACK before it was announced, two full months prior to the Pixel 2 being patched. Security is about rapid vulnerability response. Heck, Apple fixed that whole ‘root’ thing 24 hours after someone told them about it. Rapid response is key. The fact that a vulnerability announced in October (that they knew about in July) didn’t get patched until December is plain unacceptable.

    I don’t really care, mind you, what your colleagues carry. If they carry iPhones, they’re probably pretty bright. There’s, unfortunately, zero excuse for carrying an Android phone at the moment, however. Google’s track record has simply gone from bad to worse.

  5. Heh, I looked at the options, went with the best option for the moment. I have no particular loyalty to the platform. It gets patches. When it stops getting patches I’ll probably be getting an iPhone.

  6. It’s even worse on pixel2 Lexidh Solstad, since chromebooks and pixel-phones has two boot-partitions i dont even have to wait more than an usual startup. (since the actual upgrade is happening in the background while i use my device)
    Exactly the opposite of my windows10 computer which had to restart several times and decided to “upgrade” my wifi-card with a microsoft generic driver leaving me with a stuttering hell of a wifi-connection. (The time before it “upgraded” my graphics card so i had a flickering screen)

  7. Lars Fosdal : I’ve heard so many horrible things about it from others =/ There is notification options in Gmail too, they just stopped working. It’s not terribly important to me, but it was useful.