Looks like there was an update to the update.

Looks like there was an update to the update.

“This CodeCentral entry was updated on Dec 17, 2017

We have updated RAD Studio 10.2.2 to address an issue that caused incompatibility problems for a number of third party components.This build (build 2004) replaces the previously released RAD Studio 10.2.2 build (build 1978). The updated 10.2.2 build requires a full uninstall and reinstall. You will be able to preserve your configuration settings as part of the reinstall.”


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  1. Stefan Glienke Don’t know the mumbling and excuses given by Julian Bucknall was enough to put me off even trying to move to 10.2.2 right now ! I need all our 3rd party components to work as well as Delphi at the point I upgrade; otherwise there is no point upgrading !

  2. Tony Danby Just tried installing DevExpress 17.2.2 – the dxRichEdit package does not compile with 10.2.2 (the one from last week) due to some undeclared identifier so I guess that is not related to the dcu issue but something else in the 10.2.2 update.

  3. To All: Guys we’ve installed latest ISO after complete uninstall of 10.2.1 / 10.2.2 and now this installation is binary compatible with DevExpress 17.2.2 and also with 17.1.8 (because of problems and bugs in 17.2.2 we’re back to 17.1.8). Also other thirdparty-component-sets like TMS, Reportbuilder, Kbm etc. working fine with this new 10.2.2 build 2004. Great job embt

  4. Tony Danby we had a lot of problems:

    * Calendar and Dateselector does not show the holidays as hint when you move the cursor to the date marked as holiday

    * unknown exception in connection with barmanager / ribbon at the moment.

    * flickering in cxgrids

    * and some more

    but the main reason for back to 17.1.8 were the increased Exceptions. Had more than 100% raised support calls because of this. I think 17.2.2 is not tested enough for production. Lets wait for 17.2.3. You should also look into “Tickets” and you will see a lot users having problems with 17.2.2.

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