10 thoughts on “Fitbit data shows where Americans tend to be. That is “interesting” in New York City but dangerous in Afghanistan.

  1. This only happens if you explicitly start an exercise with Strava. Regular Fitbit tracking doesn’t do this at all. But yeah, these folks need a lesson in operational security, they shouldn’t be using GPS-tracking apps on military bases overseas.


  2. Paul Hosking From the TOS:
    strava.com – Strava Terms of Service

    “The Services may provide you with the option of making certain Content that you submit to the Services as private or available only to select users of the Services. If, upon submission of Content to the Services, you initially elect to mark such Content as private or available for a limited group of members, Strava will maintain the privacy of such Content in accordance with your election. However, if you do not elect to mark your Content as private or available for a limited group of members, or later change such designation to allow such Content to be made publicly available, you are responsible for the public nature of the content. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information on how to manage your privacy settings.”


  3. Paul Hosking I think most reasonable people would expect their footsteps not to become part of a public map, but anyone operating on a military base should be trained in OpSec, and know that transmitting your GPS location constantly to a Silicon Valley company is not good OpSec.


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