Mysterious entry in the Event Log:

Mysterious entry in the Event Log:


Module Load: urlmon.dll. No Debug Info. Base Address: $6FE80000. Process MyApplication.exe (24448)

Debug Output:

internalonecorecominccombasecomcataloghelpers.hpp(67)ole32.dll!0B20A59F: (caller: 0B20A63B) ReturnHr(1) tid(5e4c) 80004002 No such interface supported


Any idea what this is?

2 thoughts on “Mysterious entry in the Event Log:

  1. Is myapplication.exe registered to handle a specific (custom?) protocol? I think you can see that by looking at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTPROTOCOLSHandler

    I’m on my phone right now so I cannot verify that myself at the moment..


  2. Wouter van Nifterick Definitely no permanently registered protocols, but there may be a dynamic one, which only is supposed to be internal for the app, used for navigation.


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