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  1. Liam Cole Is that what you take away from this? If you look at what Elon has achieved so far – and what his goals are, I think you can say that he is not in it for personal wealth, but for pushing himself and us all forward into a better future. That does require money, and he has earned them, and continue to reinvest them.

    Would you have preferred that we had sent a slab of concrete into orbit?

  2. Lars Fosdal there is thousands of children world wide going to sleep tonight who don’t know if tonight is the night that they die of starvation and this arrogant motherfucker wasted billions to launch a tesla in space ? Yes, I get it renewable energy is the future but, come on.

  3. Lars Fosdal we need to seriously start working on so many problems on earth before we start even thinking about going to another planet. Other wise we will just fuck that one up the same.

  4. Liam Cole I think you are mixing emotions and facts. Fact: Tesla and electrification, as well as Hyperloop and the Boring company is forward looking and good for our environment, and for the future for our kids.

    SpaceX rocket has cut the cost of launching payloads such as satellites or space station supplies to earth orbit to a third of the original cost. It now does the same for payloads going beyond earth orbit. The rocket was going up with or without a car. The pure marketing value of that car outweigh the cost.

    If you imply that he spent billions doing this – it also means that he saved NASA two times that amount.

    The budget of Tesla SpaceX is a fraction of the military spendings. Why not take that fraction out of the military spendings and use them on health and education?

    Or are you implying that the money spent by SpaceX should have gone to human aid instead?

    When was the last time you had a beer, a hamburger or bought yourself a gadget or something relatively non-essential for living? Why didn’t you send the money to some humanitarian organisation instead?

  5. Lars Fosdal I do donate my Time and little bit of money I have to those on need even though I’m below the poverty level myself but, the difference is I don’t have billions of dollars. Yes you are right the military budget is way out of control and schools, health care, and other badly needed programs are being cut to fund it. If I was a billionaire I would help as many people as I could not show off by shooting a $150,000 car into space for a couple million dollars.