What decides where GetIt places the stuff it installs?

What decides where GetIt places the stuff it installs?

It seems that the files are placed under current user, even if Delphi is installed for “all users”. How do you get around that for a build server where the build process is running under a system account? This is kinda ridiculous.

Quote from Vincent Parrett: “Umm.. don’t use getit.. its a toy not a real package manager. Seriously why tf would it place libraries under the user profile.”

I have to agree. GetIt appears like a really trivial download/installer, than an actual package installer.

I guess it would be better to install the libs locally, then copy them to VCS managed folders, and check out those on the build server.

Originally shared by Lars Fosdal

GetIt, FinalBuilder and Continua Build Server

We are having some issues with the OmniThreadLibrary not being found when FinalBuilder is invoked from Continua.

GetIt places OTL under


and when I am logged on to the server, the FB projects build fine. When the Continua service user executes, it is a different user than my UI login – so naturally, the installation is not there.

What is the recommended way to get around this?

8 thoughts on “What decides where GetIt places the stuff it installs?

  1. I’ll repeat: use git submodules. They are in version control, but in separate repositories. This also makes it way easier to do proper versioning as you can select which commit/version the submodule refers to. In addition it is way better for open source stuff, as GetIt is always behind on them.

    Conceptual con: it would lack an additional quality check that GetIt could provide if it were maintained as frequently as for instance https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-core/commits/master

    Now if GetIt was based on a DVCS, that might slightly change things.


  2. I want a package manager that handles library paths properly, deals with dependencies, is easy to publish to etc, you know, something like nuget or npm or ruby gems etc.


  3. Agree with most of the statements made above but to look a little positive on GetIt, at least they put something together. Hopefully they build on it and make it better in future releases.

    GetIt is a glorified installer but that is about it, it needs a lot more polishing.


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