I opened a fishing link today. Fortunately, Outlook saved my arse. Who knows what kind of vile web code that would have had a go at my browser!

Why did I open the link?

Well, I use Visual Studio, and have an MSDN account, and the mail is very similar to earlier advertising emails from Microsoft – hence I was duped.

However – if you read the fine print in the actual link, you quite easily see that this is not an MS web address at all (as the red text in Norwegian says on the image).

Lesson learned.

Tip: Read the fine print!

Note: Link has been redacted.


11 thoughts on “Title

  1. Lübbe Onken I also have images off by default, but loaded them to get a view of the “offer”. The link button still appeared as a button, and you had to hover over the button to get the URL hint.


  2. How many times must one say: NEVER never never never ever click on ANY link in ANY email…

    If you want to check a link, right click it, copy it, paste it in your browsers address field and check if it is really a link you can follow…….

    Security can be such a simple thing. 😉


  3. Lars Fosdal Well … most link shorteners allow you to preview the destination url…

    Aaand …. human nature .. yeah well .. we’re not animals, we can overcome our instinct and use our brain..

    Ya i know, it’s not convenient but … well, nobody said that life will be convenient. 😉


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