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  1. Not to mention that it’s inherently ridiculous to make any kind of statement as to what the investigation is about considering 1) It’s not over yet and 2) Like any good investigator, they don’t tell everyone what they’re doing.

    So to think that you can make these blanket statements about an investigation that you have no real access to is ignorance and arrogance Robert Prol.

  2. Robert Prol The basic mechanics of propaganda are the same as for advertising.Mix your message with humor or shock value. Repeat the message. Spread the message. Lead people to repeat the message, so that their friends repeat it too. If you see it often enough and especially if your peers are propagating it – it becomes a consensus or even a “truth”. Keep it up over time, and propaganda will change opinions.

  3. Robert Prol No. You can rarely turn around die hards, even with solid, irrefutable evidence.

    Propaganda may sway those that are undecided or in doubt, although I would not rule out that someone who was leaning towards one side, could be also be turned if most friends appeared to be strongly against that side.

  4. Keith Warner As mentioned earlier – the Nixon/Watergate case took two and half year, so I don’t think it is about desperation.

    I sort of agree with the article in the aspect that if you are seeking a higher office, you should expect to have your dirty laundry checked.
    IMO, any such candidates should be vetted for more than just being able to raise the cash. Currently, it almost seems like a race between the highest bidders.