How secure is your password?

How secure is your password?
Most likely – not very.

Try “beer” or “secret” for amusement value.

Note that you should probably not enter your actual password – only something similar in size and structure.

9 thoughts on “How secure is your password?

  1. Hmm… methinks this is sales BS. I type “microsoft”, i get “Instantly”. I click in the middle and press 4 13 times and the result is “14 QUADRILLION YEARS”.

    I know… the idea of repeated numbers is but one of the things to check. But that algorithm should at least cater for germanic/anglo double consonants and the extension would be to try one… two… three extra repetitions in each “segment”. No?

    Well – algorithms cannot cater for every brilliant idea i have, but since the caption is “It would take a computer about”… well. What computer? Running what software? Meh.

  2. Daniel… Except you have now given them your password. 🤦‍♂️ 😁😁

    Secure enough. Unless your data is encrypted, the lock on the door isn’t really secure anyway…

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