10 thoughts on “Google Lens is not entirely wrong … although I would be inclined to say it looks like a ham fisted hand :P

  1. ‘The digit ratio 2D:4D refers to the difference in length between the second digit (index) and fourth digit (ring) fingers. … For people of all genders, the length of your various fingers is linked to the complex balance and interplay of hormones you experienced in the womb.14 Oct 2016’


    To me it suggests you will have a thicker fat layer than average and more fat cells, this is cold protection.

    Your Mum must have experienced an amount of ‘environmental stress’ or it could of just been based on her diet during pregnancy. They are still trying to model the adult Human body, the babies metamorphosis is still folklore…

    …it means you are a Vikingr…

    Torstig, Yøl? ;0)

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