10 thoughts on “Title

  1. Yeah, well, isn’t it just as much of an “ad hominem”, (i.e. not at all, but a general observation) to assume โ€” as you, Elisabeth Schabus, seem to do โ€” that everyone does have such a short memory?

    I’m the one saying most people aren’t such “moths”, so it’s not me who is insulting the most people here.


  2. The fun in sports, Lars Fosdal … As the word itself is derived from the word for fun. Plus you see what kind of dickhead defends this political crap. Now, how’s this for ad hominem, you absolute sponge Christian Conrad ?? Grrrrrr


  3. Oh, don’t everyone worry about people having fun. We don’t do that, anymore. Everything is politics, now. Literally even Ice Cream is politics! Milk is politics, both the cow type and the breast type. Pronouns are politics. Science is politics. Medicine is politics. Weather is politics. MATH is politics. Religion? Pretty much pure politics anymore. Education? Health? Whether we landed on the moon? Who killed JFK? Who eats what for breakfast? Politics, politics, politics, politics, politics.

    And isn’t it just making things so much better for everyone?



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