10 thoughts on “Logic droid

  1. Philip Rowney Ah, but Microsoft is heavy into the Linux game lately, as well as having their own Android lock screen, launcher, keyboard and various other odds and ends.
    It’s not entirely unfeasible to see them launching an Android phone of their own at some point.

  2. Willy André Bergstrøm Bill is retired now :0þ

    The only way Nokia will survive is with a ‘Droid. M$ learned the hard way.

    ‘New Technology’ was a rewrite of the kernel to make it’s service model ‘more like UNIX’.

    Remember Linus just wrote a Kernel and GNU is not UNIX.

    [ even though with the way Conformance works, they are all ‘UNIX’ now ]


  3. Philip Rowney Eh, well.. Nokia Mobile is dead, another mothballed Microsoft division alongside the Sidewinder peripherals line and the Comic Chat team (whose dreadful relic Comic Sans still plagues us).
    HMD just leases the name, the same way Arvani Display leased the Tandberg brand for their televisions.