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  1. The fact that these people can even bring themselves to say these things should immediately disqualify them from office. Sadly, they’re just parroting whatever will get them support from their voter base.

    We get the politicians we deserve.

  2. Todd Akin born in 1947, Williams ’31, “chuck” Winder has been commercial real estate brokerage in one form or another since 1978 [ also in his 70’s ]

    They are what I would call ‘ignorant old men’ and attention seekers [ the Sow off Fox and Santorum ]

    We’ve always had them.

  3. A radio host got the perfect vengeance on Rick Santorum when he asked his listeners to make a dictionary definition of the noun “santorum”. That definition still fills the front page if you google it, and it makes me both laugh and shudder at the same time.

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