My native tongue is Norwegian, so writing English still is a challenge at times, even after years of practice.  Apart from the pure typo part, it is a question about reasonably good grammar. The Its vs the It’s. The a/an conundrum, and the handling of plurals and time-related issues, as well as general sentence structure.

I am testing the free Grammarly edition for Chrome, and it is … well, a bit weird, but also better than no checking at all.

However – unless you write for a living, the available price plans for the premium version are rather stiff.

Source: Grammarly

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  1. Yeah, I can really understand that! The dyslectic teenager struggles with reading and writing English, mostly due to lack of practice, but also due to the consistent inconsistency in how things are written, and how they are pronounced. Verbally, she can get by, but she struggles with print.

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