Delphi Developers Archive (Experimental)

Delphi Developers Archive (Experimental)


The posts are searchable by tag list or free text search.


FYI – This is work in progress, and I hope to improve the following issues:

– Some posts have erroneous titles

– Some posts are missing attribution of the original poster

– Some 600 posts are missing due to an inexplicable quota error during import


Comments on the archived posts are currently disabled until the import is finalized.

4 thoughts on “Delphi Developers Archive (Experimental)

  1. Jeroen Wiert Pluimers The problem with WordPress was that if I wanted to host all those posts with their graphics, I would have needed the Business plan for WP. I would have had to pay for it separately, whereas Blogger is free.

    I could have mingled all the content with my own personal posts, and I did import 1K posts to see the effect – and it was not pretty.

    Now it is almost standalone, and it is hopefully possible to hand over ownership to someone else, down the line.

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